Monday, February 4, 2013

Review: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

The next of the three mascaras that I have been trying out the past several months or so is made by Tarte. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara has been wonderful to use!

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara
First, let me discuss product packaging. I usually don't care about that; but in this case I actually don't like the weird type of package for this mascara. It is in a tube that is encased in some sort of "leather' feeling material. Don't get me wrong, I really like the snakeskin purple finish look, but I find it a waste that it is basically material around the actual tube. Luckily, it doesn't mess with application of the product and it is probably the only thing I actually dislike about this mascara.

In the photo above, you can really see the difference between my lashes with and without the mascara. The eye on the left has the Tarte mascara on it and the one on the right does not. This photo really shows such a dramatic difference this mascara makes!

I absolutely love this mascara. It is very creamy, easy to apply, lasts all day. Basically, everything that I would want in a mascara. It makes my eyes really standout and makes those eyelashes look so full and gorgeous. These are my natural lashes and this mascara really makes them look wonderful.

Overall, I will definitely be using this mascara again and will recommend it to anyone that is looking to enhance their natural lashes and not wear false lashes to do it. The tube of mascara lasted me about 4 months exactly and just ran out. Luckily, I already have a new tube!

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