Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!! Winter Scene with Mom

For Christmas, I decided to do matching manicures with my mom. She loved the idea even though she wasn't sure about it at first.

I first painted both of our nails with a base of L.A. Girl Color Addict in Hooked. She certainly wasn't sure about blue nails! :P

Then, I stamped snowmen from XJ1, XJ6, and Cheeky Jumbo Plate 6 as nail decals with Funky Fingers Black Knight. I colored them in with a dotting tool using Funky Fingers Gesso. Then I put the decals on her nails and stamped the snowflake image on her ring fingers as an accent from Cheeky Jumbo Plate 6 with Konad White.

I used the same base and accent nails on my hands. I made decals with the trees from plates XJ1, XJ6, and Cheeky Jumbo Plate 6 with Funky Fingers Black Knight. I colored them in with a dotting tool using Konad green stamping polish.

I really enjoyed doing my mom's nails and really loved matching them to mine. My Uncle decided to get in the show and pulled out all kinds of Christmas items to take her photo with different poses. He really enjoyed thinking of poses for her!

I finished off the photos with intertwining her nails and mine to take a photo and it looks like a winter-wonderland!!

Have you ever done matching manicures with anyone?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

H is for Holographic: Cheetah Style

Today for the A2Z Challenge, we have H is for Holographic. I wanted to do something different so I went for cheetah print over a holographic base.

I started off with Glitter Gal Wysteria on all nails.


Then, I stamped the Cheetah print from Sugar Bubbles SB002 with Kleancolor Pastel Purple and topped with Seche Vite.

Isn't this a fun manicure?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

C is for Copycat

Today for the A2Z challenge we have C is for Copycat. I decided to do a cat theme with the cat from BM04 repeated/copied on my nails. I also did the fish from that same plate in a repeated pattern.

I used a China Glaze red for the base and stamped everything with Konad White and then colored in the cats with Ulta Concrete Evidence and dotted in LA Color Addict in Hooked to give the grey some blue spots.


My thumb nail is curving weird, ugh. Hopefully it will improve as my nails continue growing :(

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Swatch: Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight

Isn't this a beauty? I just love my Glitter Gal holographics and this certainly did not disappoint, it's a nice cloudy black linear holographic polish!

Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight

Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight

Glitter Gal can be bought at

Monday, November 10, 2014

Nail Decal Fail!

My first ever attempt at trying nail decals, and I pretty much failed. It wasn't really the coloring in that got me, it was the fact that there are letters here. Yes, in case you didn't know, when you go to make the decal it turns the image around. Therefore, if you are doing anything with letters, numbers, stuff like that; you need to make sure to invert it twice. Posting here so others can learn from my mistakes!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

B is for Bold

I decided to do a gradient manicure for the next letter in the A2Z challenge (details can be found here)

This is a very bold manicure for me because not only is it neon, a gradient, but it also has the dark purple going to neon as the gradient. I really like how it turned out, my second gradient mani :)

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!


This is Kleancolor Metallic Mango and Kleancolor Blackout on the accent finger. Simple and sweet.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A is for Angles

I've started a new nail art challenge to help me get back in practice. It's the NEW AtoZ challange aka A2Z hosted by Pocketmoneypolishes. Here's a post with the lowdown: Pocketmonkeypolishes

This challenge will span the alphabet and each week is a new letter. Up first is A and A is for angles. Here's my interpretation of that:

Cheeky European Romance Plate

All the details with what I used, how I did it and a complete YouTube tutorial will be in a separate post once I get it all edited :)

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Music Manicure

Here's a manicure I did for a concert I performed in last year (2013).

I hope you can see it, these photos are a bit blurry.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Neon, Yet Elegant

This is a mani I did back in May of 2013. I have found a bunch of manicures on my computer and will be uploading them in different posts while I get back into the groove of polishland, lol.

I used a neon pink Funky Fingers Polish for this, and then did some nail stamping, added a white French Tip and stamped along the edge of it to create this elegant look. Since it's from last year I don't remember what I used. There will be a bunch of these types of post forthcoming, but pictures are great for future ideas too :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Back from my HIATUS!

So, it's been a while. A LONGGGGGG while. Where have I been??? Off having a baby!!
I didn't haven't had much time to do nail art since having my little bundle of joy, but I will try to get back into the habit :)

Here's a swatch of Kleancolor Neon Sapphire. It looks almost jelly-like. It's a nice blue color because I had a baby boy. I look forward to sharing more nail art this year and hopefully get back in the swing of things.

Kleancolor Neon Sapphire

By no coincidence, today is also my birthday!!! And of course what presents am I looking forward to? Nail stamping plates of course!