Monday, August 7, 2017

Wikkid Polish Premium Holo Holographic Polishes coming to!

Wikkid Polish Premium Holo Holographic Polishes coming to!

More Wikkid polish, the awesome handmade indie polish from the UK, is coming to We've opened up more preorders to bring you even more shades of this gorgeous holographic polish. is a US based indie stockist. We bring you nail art products from all  over the world. So if you are wondering where to buy Wikkid polish, Beautometry's got your back!

The polishes available for this preorder are the following:

-These 4 polishes from the Out of This World Collection:

Aurora which is a scattered holo and premium glitter with a high spectrum shift of green/blue/purple/fuschia and tiny hints of gold. Bling bling!

Calypso which is a scattered holo and premium glitter with a high spectrum shift of amber/gold/green and tiny hints of blue. Bling bling!

Orion which is a scattered holo and premium glitter with a high spectrum shift of indigo/blue/fuschia/auburn and tiny hints of gold. Bling bling!

Phoenix which is a scattered holo and premium glitter with a high spectrum shift of fuschia/red/flame/auburn and tiny hints of green. Bling bling!

-These Glitters are available for preorder:

Amethyst- A clear base packed with purple glitter, blue/purple flakies and scattered holo. Bling by the bucketload!

Bruiser- A clear base packed with black glitter, blue/purple flakies and scattered holo. This polish is a bruise in a bottle!

Rose Garden- A clear base packed with red glitter, green/gold flakies and scattered holo. This polish is just exceptional!

Supernova- A rare celestial phenomenon involving the explosion of a star and resulting in an extremely bright object that emits vast amounts of energy. Imagine that on your nails!

-The following Premium Holos are available for preorder:

Butterscotch- Work appropriate base with an intense linear holo so you can still join the party!

Candy Floss- A beautiful soft pink with an intense linear holo.

Chartreuse- Think lemon and lime and you have a striking colour with an intense linear holo to really pop for Spring

Cosmic Dust- Do you need holo in your life all the time? Problem solved - just add this mega holo topper to every mani!

Ice Ice Baby- Silvery blue with an intense linear holo.

Parma Violets- Soft lilac shade with an intense linear holo.

Shades of Jade- Just move your hand and you will see all the shades of jade appear in this intense linear holo

Other polishes will be available soon for preorder so you can get some awesome holographic and multichrome pretties. You can check out for future preorder announcements and more great nail art products from around the world!

Get Wikkid Nail Polish here:


Where to purchase nail polish, nail stamping plates, and nail art products from all over the world:

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Summer Magnetic Strawberry Nail Art Tutorial featuring China Glaze and Masura

I was feeling in the mood for a summer fruit inspired manicure. A few years ago I did strawberry nails and really enjoy how simple they were to create yet how awesome the finished product looked. I've been playing with the Masura magnetic polishes a lot and decided to give a slightly different twist on that strawberry manicure I previously did.

Here's a tutorial video showing all the steps, I've also linked all the products I used below.


This easy summer strawberry manicure uses the Masura magnetic nail polish to give a great textured strawberry look to the nails. You'll see why it looks textured in the tutorial video. I thought that was fun to do!

These Masura magnetic nail polishes are so much fun! Magnetic nail polish gives that awesome cat's eye effect across the nails as you move your hand once you have used the magnet on the wet polish. Remember to use the magnet over the magnetic nail polish while it is wet, otherwise you won't be able to see the cat's eye effect come through on the nails. Magnetic nail polish is great for a beginner nail artist because it is really easy to use.

China Glaze hot flash from the China Glaze Lite Brites Collection is the base color for this manicure. Hot Flash is a great true red leaning strawberry red color by China Glaze. It really looks great as the base for this strawberry nail art.

I used the Masura White Base White Quartz in order to create a background shade for the Masura magnetic polish to really stand out on and also the seeds of the strawberries, This also helps give the manicure texture by building up the nail polish on the nail.

What do you think? Have you done strawberry nail art before?

Products Used:
Masura Magnetic Nail Polish:
Hit the Bottle ASAP Top Coat:
China Glaze Hot Flash:
Masura White Base Coat:
Masura Magnet:
MoYou London Your Magic Workshop:

Where to purchase nail polish, nail stamping plates, and nail art products from all over the world:

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Review: Seche Vive

Last year Seche came out with a new top coat: Seche Vive. It's considered a gel-like top coat but no light needed. I've been trying it out over the past year and have a few thoughts to share on it.

Seche Vive Top Coat

I've been using it over regular polish, thermals, holographic polishes, and stamping to see how it performs. Here's a photo of a manicure I just did using China Glaze Fresh Prince-ss as the base, Bow Thermo Top Coat Red over that, and then Powder Perfect Hathor over that on the accent nail. I really like how the red tip still shows through a bit on the accent nail making it look almost like a gradient. I finished the manicure with Seche Vive as the top coat.

You can see a previous manicure with stamping here.

On stamping, this top coat does NOT smear! It's awesome. I'd say the polish feels thicker than normal Seche Vite (which I also love, but can smear stamping easily if you don't float the top coat). The polish spreads like butter, goes on so smoothly on the nail and dries just like Seche Vite with that wonderful glassy finish. Over the cremes it also performs wonderfully.

Something I know a lot of people worry about is how a top coat will work over a holographic polish. The stamping manicure linked above also has a holographic polish and the Powder Perfect in this look has those very sparkly microglitters in it. The top coat did not dull these finishes. It also did not mess up the Bow thermal top coat. In the Bow polish, there are holographic super-micro-tiny particles and those shine right through.

Overall, I am very impressed with this top coat. It performs wonderfully and has all the best things I like about Seche Vite in it. The one thing I don't necessarily like is that it isn't in a clear bottle. I like seeing how much I have left and obviously it's hard to be able to tell the fill line in this bottle. But, I guess if that's the worst it has then I can live with that!

Have you tried this top coat? What do you think?

Friday, February 10, 2017

Eiffel Tower Manicure Gradient Tutorial

I used a sponge gradient to get the base for this manicure and then stamped the Eiffel Tower and Paris images from the Cheeky Jumbo Plate 3: European Romance.

Products Used:
L.A. Colors French White
Sally Hansen Commander in Chic:
Wet n Wild Silvivor:
Cheeky Jumbo Plate 3 European Romance

Have you used this technique before?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Swatch: Femme Fatale Planetary Void

Femme Fatale Planetary Void is an out of this world color! This store exclusive was created during our Customer Appreciation Week.

 Femme Fatale is such a crowd favorite that we had to let our customers design on of these exclusive polishes. Everyone entered their photo inspirations and voted on the one to be created into a polish. What do you think of this beauty? Have you used it in any nail art?