Wednesday, January 28, 2015

St. Valentine's Day Nails with the Lead Light Technique

I just had to play with the new plates, so I used Messy Mansion MM03 to create another St. Valentine's Day manicure. I also used the opportunity to try the Lead Light technique again. What new techniques have you been trying?


I started with AEngland Perceval on all nails. Isn't that a gorgeous royal red color? I just love it!
A-England Perceval

I then stamped the heart ornaments with Konad White and colored them in with L'Oreal jelly polishes. I used Bananarama Love (yellow), bubble trouble (pink), and lilac coolers (purple).



What do you think? It smeared the white a bit, so that's certainly something I need to work on for the next time. Have you tried lead light yet?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Messy Mansion Stamping Plates are Here!!! is now carrying Messy Mansion stamping plates from Australia. They are currently in-stock and ready to ship :)

You can check out the selection here.

Here's a few plates, aren't they awesome?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Wishing for Snow on a Blue Jelly Base

This week's theme on Adventures in Stamping is "on a blue base." I really want it to snow here, and actual snow not this wanna-be sometimes there's flurries if you squint REALLY hard snow.

I used Pretty Serious Cosmetics Party by the Poll from the Christmas Without Snow collection (oh the irony!). Then I stamped the snowflakes from Infinity Nails plate 79 with Konad white.

Are you wishing for snow??

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Double Processed Stamping Technique Tutorial

There's a new technique on the block, the double processed stamping technique. It was devised by Joey in Adventures in Stamping and I decided to make a tutorial so it's easier to understand.

Here's a little breakdown if reading it might be easier for you to understand.
First, take the image/pattern that you want to be on the top of everything and stamp that like you regularly would.
Then, take the next image and stamp that like normal, except that that first one is still on the stamp. This will cause the first image to only appear where the second image has the etching on the plate.
Repeat this as many times as you want ad then stamp on your nail.

Here's the video tutorial so you can actually see what it is :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

HPB Presents My First Attempt at Double Stamping- Hearts!

I decided to try double stamping for the first time. I first stamped a background onto my nail and then stamped a more focal point type of image on top of that. I like the way it turned out, but this has certainly opened a whole lot of possibilities to me! Did I do it right?
I also used my new Nailways nail plate for the first time. This is Nailways Spring Time- Love is in the Air.

The base is OPI Hey Baby.

I first stamped the full hearts image over my nails with Konad Red. Then I stamped the individual heart on the middle of each nail facing inward and then facing outward as well. To finish the look, I use the word "Love" from the nail plate name on both ends. I did the accent nail with L.A. Girl Glitter Addict Animate. Then topped it all off with Seche Vite.

You can buy Nailways stamping plates on
Have you tried double stamping? What do you think?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nailways Plates are Here!!

Finally, the Nailways plates have arrived! They are from the Netherlands and I am so happy to be stocking them. There are some great designs here. I can't wait to try the first one, probably a St. Valentine's Day manicure, of course.

Here's the other wonderful plates:


Which one's your favorite?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cinnamon Candy Hearts

My manicure for today looks like candy. Both my DH and I think it looks like some sort of cinnamon candy for St. Valentine's Day. He really likes cinnamon candies. What candy do you like?

I used 2 images from the Sugar Bubbles SB011 plate.

I started off with China Glaze Phat Santa on all nails. Then stamped the images with Konad White stamping polish and topped it off with Seche Vite.

Have you ever done some nail art that made your nails look like candy?