Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Sun Comes Out in Winter

The sun has shown it's lovely rays and as it was shining into my window, I couldn't help but decide that I must dress up the dreary AEngland Dorian Gray and take advantage of this elusive winter sun!

I decided that it was time for some silver holographic goodness to light up my day. I added Glitter Gal Silver Holographic over AEngland Dorian Gray. Lovely results!

Glitter Gal Silver Holographic over AEngland Dorian Gray

It looked so beautiful and the depth that this look creates is just awesome. Inside without sunlight, the beautiful shade of grey appears,. But, when looked at in sunlight, that holographic shine comes through with the most beautiful rainbows. I certainly love holographic nail polish, and Glitter Gal does not disappoint in that department.

You can find Glitter Gal Silver Holographic and all the other wonderful Glitter Gal nail polish on along with all the wonderful AEngland nail polish.

And, of course, here is a closeup of the wonderful holographic rainbows created by this combination. It really reminds me of a beautiful grey-ish lavender in a way. Great addition to finally having a sunny winter day.

Glitter Gal Silver Holographic Over AEngland Dorian Gray

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Swatch: AEngland Dorian Gray

Today I have a swatch of a wonderful winter color: AEngland Dorian Gray

It is part of AEngland's most recent collection entitled The Gothic Beauties. This collection came out in the winter of 2012 and the colors are absolutely gorgeous! They really fit their names and colors perfectly and this is the first one I will show you.

First, a bit of a background on the name chosen for this color. Dorian Gray is the title character in an Oscar Wilde book entitled "The Picture of Dorian Gray." He is a narcissistic young man. Through the course of the book, he is easily influenced by another character in the novel and that ultimately leads to his own moral demise. There is even a Dorian Gray Syndrome in which people continually turn to various products and procedures to find happiness. The novel can be found for free on Project Gutenberg.

AEngland Dorian Gray
Now, to the polish itself. :) As you can see from the photo, it sure does fit the name. The polish is a muted grey with a lovely metallic hue. I really like this for a winter manicure because it reminds me of the dreary days of winter. As I move my fingers around, I like the way the light bounces off of it and brings out this true grey gothic beauty. Sometimes, you can even see little flecks in it and I really liked that sort of "secret" shimmer that the light brought out in it.

As far as application, it applied wonderfully. I am wearing 2 coats in the photo and felt that I got great coverage. As always with AEngland, the wear was great! Sometimes, with longer nails tipwear can really start to show, but this brand always stands above the rest in that department.

Recently, AEngland put some information on their facebook page stating that Royal Mail is changing the way they handle nail polish and there will be delays. Beautometry still has plenty of stock of all the AEngland colors along with Glitter Gal. Check it out!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Swatch: Kleancolor Red Alert

Kleancolor Red Alert

Kleancolor Red Alert is a great red nail polish! It's about a strawberry red hue and really an overall happy red color. I enjoyed wearing this and it looked great on my nails. It was very opaque and the photo shows 2 coats of just the polish over my natural nails. I really like how shiny the Kleancolor polish stays even after it dries. This means no top coat!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: Cover Girl Professional Remarkable Mascara

The last few months, I have been using three different mascaras to see differences and basically just find a go-to mascara for myself.

The first one that I will review is Cover Girl Professional Remarkable mascara.

As you can see, it comes in a purple tube and is called a washable waterproof mascara. I used the one in black brown. I am not a person to use brown mascara because I have dark lashes anyways, but I decided to try out the black brown and see what it would look like.

Overall, I really liked this mascara. It was nice a creamy and applied nicely. I did not feel as if my lashes were really stiff or like the mascara would not come off when I removed my makeup. It had nice stay-put coverage yet did wash off when I needed it. It was not SUPER easy to remove, but it came off quicker than I had expected versus some previous waterproof mascaras I've tried.

The color was just right for my lashes when I didn't want to go full-black. There was a definite brown leaning, but that was to be expected with a black brown mascara. The wand is your average bristled wand, nothing fancy of different. I like the coverage I got and usually applied 2 coats to get my lashes a bit thicker. I did not notice anything special as far as lengthening or thickening in general on this though, so that is not what it sets out to do. Overall, it's a good quality mascara and lasted me about 4 months going between 3 different mascaras. Pretty good lasting I'd say! Towards the end it starting getting dry and that's when I knew it was at the end of the road and time to throw away.

In the future, this is definitely something I would purchase again; even in the black brown color that I normally do not gravitate towards :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy 2013!!

2012 came and went and here we are at 2013!!
Thanks to all my readers for keeping this blog going :) I am grateful to everyone for looking at my posts and all the support that I have received over the past year.

In 2012, I was able to start my own business and hope to grow it in the years to come. If you haven't had a chance, check it out at to see the great brands offered, such as Glitter Gal and AEngland!

I also created a facebook page at Beautometry, hit like and you will get all website updates on polish, contests and more.

In 2013, I hope to further expand the business and also devote more time to this blog. I have many MANY swatches and posts to upload. My computer crashed in the last part of 2012, so I hope I can retrieve those things and post them up here. I'm also hoping to host contests and giveaways on this blog, as well as through facebook and pinterest as well.

Look forward to a happy posting year!