Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Swatch: AEngland Dorian Gray

Today I have a swatch of a wonderful winter color: AEngland Dorian Gray

It is part of AEngland's most recent collection entitled The Gothic Beauties. This collection came out in the winter of 2012 and the colors are absolutely gorgeous! They really fit their names and colors perfectly and this is the first one I will show you.

First, a bit of a background on the name chosen for this color. Dorian Gray is the title character in an Oscar Wilde book entitled "The Picture of Dorian Gray." He is a narcissistic young man. Through the course of the book, he is easily influenced by another character in the novel and that ultimately leads to his own moral demise. There is even a Dorian Gray Syndrome in which people continually turn to various products and procedures to find happiness. The novel can be found for free on Project Gutenberg.

AEngland Dorian Gray
Now, to the polish itself. :) As you can see from the photo, it sure does fit the name. The polish is a muted grey with a lovely metallic hue. I really like this for a winter manicure because it reminds me of the dreary days of winter. As I move my fingers around, I like the way the light bounces off of it and brings out this true grey gothic beauty. Sometimes, you can even see little flecks in it and I really liked that sort of "secret" shimmer that the light brought out in it.

As far as application, it applied wonderfully. I am wearing 2 coats in the photo and felt that I got great coverage. As always with AEngland, the wear was great! Sometimes, with longer nails tipwear can really start to show, but this brand always stands above the rest in that department.

Recently, AEngland put some information on their facebook page stating that Royal Mail is changing the way they handle nail polish and there will be delays. Beautometry still has plenty of stock of all the AEngland colors along with Glitter Gal. Check it out!

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