Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Sun Comes Out in Winter

The sun has shown it's lovely rays and as it was shining into my window, I couldn't help but decide that I must dress up the dreary AEngland Dorian Gray and take advantage of this elusive winter sun!

I decided that it was time for some silver holographic goodness to light up my day. I added Glitter Gal Silver Holographic over AEngland Dorian Gray. Lovely results!

Glitter Gal Silver Holographic over AEngland Dorian Gray

It looked so beautiful and the depth that this look creates is just awesome. Inside without sunlight, the beautiful shade of grey appears,. But, when looked at in sunlight, that holographic shine comes through with the most beautiful rainbows. I certainly love holographic nail polish, and Glitter Gal does not disappoint in that department.

You can find Glitter Gal Silver Holographic and all the other wonderful Glitter Gal nail polish on along with all the wonderful AEngland nail polish.

And, of course, here is a closeup of the wonderful holographic rainbows created by this combination. It really reminds me of a beautiful grey-ish lavender in a way. Great addition to finally having a sunny winter day.

Glitter Gal Silver Holographic Over AEngland Dorian Gray

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