Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: Cover Girl Professional Remarkable Mascara

The last few months, I have been using three different mascaras to see differences and basically just find a go-to mascara for myself.

The first one that I will review is Cover Girl Professional Remarkable mascara.

As you can see, it comes in a purple tube and is called a washable waterproof mascara. I used the one in black brown. I am not a person to use brown mascara because I have dark lashes anyways, but I decided to try out the black brown and see what it would look like.

Overall, I really liked this mascara. It was nice a creamy and applied nicely. I did not feel as if my lashes were really stiff or like the mascara would not come off when I removed my makeup. It had nice stay-put coverage yet did wash off when I needed it. It was not SUPER easy to remove, but it came off quicker than I had expected versus some previous waterproof mascaras I've tried.

The color was just right for my lashes when I didn't want to go full-black. There was a definite brown leaning, but that was to be expected with a black brown mascara. The wand is your average bristled wand, nothing fancy of different. I like the coverage I got and usually applied 2 coats to get my lashes a bit thicker. I did not notice anything special as far as lengthening or thickening in general on this though, so that is not what it sets out to do. Overall, it's a good quality mascara and lasted me about 4 months going between 3 different mascaras. Pretty good lasting I'd say! Towards the end it starting getting dry and that's when I knew it was at the end of the road and time to throw away.

In the future, this is definitely something I would purchase again; even in the black brown color that I normally do not gravitate towards :)

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