Friday, March 1, 2013

Tipwear Test: AEngland Beauty Never Fails

Beauty Never Fails is one of the most recent colors from AEngland. It is part of the Heavenly Quotes collection.

To some, this may be just another green. But, if really does have a uniqueness all its own.

AEngland Beauty Never Fails
It is a dark forest green with lighter green glass flecks. As you move your hand you can see these flecks really shine in the light. I like the play between dark and light on this one.

I decided to test the tipwear on it. I did not use a basecoat or a topcoat. This is 2 coats on my natural nails.
After about 5 days or so, there was noticeable tipwear. But I think that I may be one of the only ones to notice that.

 As you can see, nothing too bad at all.

Now, about a week and a half and then yes, there is considerable wear. The big chips occurred on that last day. Luckily, it was time to change it so I can try other nail looks. But this is definitely a keeper!!

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