Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Glitter Gal Flash Sale!

From now until the end of the month, Beautometry is having a flash sale!!

The Glitter Gal Transitions and Shade Shifters 15mL are on sale for $15:

Glitter Gal Transitions are usually used as a top coat over another color to give it a hue of whichever transition you are using.

Glitter Gal Shade Shifters can be used on their own and present a beautiful color shift across the nail as you move your hand.

Also, don't forget, LynnBDesigs are still available for pre-order til the end of the month.
LynBDesigns, which is handmade nail polish, has created some real beauties.
We are launching with 10 shades from collections such as Land Before Time, Dweam Wiffim a Dweam, and The Doctor Is In.
Preorders will be at a special launch sales price of $7. If you pre-order all 10, you will get a free gift with purchase.
Check it out!

Little Foot
Quintessential Kiwi (Unscented)
Black Dragon Pearl Tea

Let's Get Mawwied
Time and Dimension in Relative Space

Wait, Wait, Wait Is This a Kissing Book?
Sacre Blurple

This is Halloween

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