Sunday, March 3, 2013

Diamond Candles

Have you heard of the newest thing in candles? Diamond Candles is not just a candle, but also includes a ring worth at least $10!

It is a 100% soy wax candle that has a ring glued to the inside in a little baggie wrapped in foil. This protects the ring so it doesn't get damaged while burning the candle. What a concept!

The creator wanted to give more than a candle as a gift and figured he would put a ring in the wax so the recipient received 2 gifts instead of one. Because it's such a novel idea, he started Diamond Candles and now they have really taken off :)

I burned Cinnamon Pinecone, which has a great Christmas-y smell to it. You wait until the wax goes down low enough to get the ring out and then take tweezers, or in my case a spoon, to get it out while the wax is still melted. That makes it easier than digging around and getting wax everywhere.

Here's a closeup of the ring I found:

 It doesn't have any markings, so probably only a $10 ring, but there are other rings worth much more! Check out their facebook page to see photos from other people as well.
I've bought more of these candles and enjoy burning them and getting the extra surprise of a ring too.
If you're interested in trying these candles out, go on over to sneakpeeq where you will get $10 off for signing up at this link. The candles are $25, but you can get them for $15 with that link.

Hope you enjoy and have a great day!

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