Thursday, October 20, 2011

My First Kleancolor!

I found a local beauty supply that carries some Kleancolor and I really wanted to try one out to see what all the buzz is. I must say, that now I am a lover of Kleancolor too!!

I started out with Sinful Adventure Island from their dupe of the OPI Pirates Collection. It is a very pretty green color and looks really good on my long nails. Unfortunately, the day I wore this was for my birthday and my middle finger snagged while I was getting out of bed and broke right at the nail bed. I had to reduce the length of the rest of my nails so it didn't look so wierd, but they are a bit better now.

And now, for my favorite! This is Kleancolor Peaceful Heart. It is green holographic glitter with large holographic green hearts. Sooo pretty and beautiful in light. It went on nicely and stunk really bad (as Kleancolors are known to do). But I was able to look past the smell and really like that I got such a nice polish. I think a major Kleancolor haul will be in my future ;)

And.... I was holding my hand really wierd here; but you can see the pretty bunny ring that I also picked up at the beauty supply store. It was only $1.99!

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