Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Foil Method for Removing Nail Polish

Sometimes, nail polish just doesn't want to come off. This is most apparent with very heavy glitters, or, in this case, many different layers for a glitter design.

This is my first tutorial and I hope that it is informative and there are enough pictures explaining the foil method.
First, you need pieces of foil and some cotton balls. I just use leftover foil from baking.
You take the cotton ball and get nail polish remover on it (in some cases may need acetone, but I have never tried/worked with pure acetone). You then take the cotton ball and put it against the foil and wrap your fingertip with it like the photo below:

You do this to all 10 fingers. I like to do one hand at a time because it can get tricky putting the foil on the other hand. Wait a few minutes, five is the best to be sure it is all ready. Then you just slide the cotton in the foil off the fingernail and you will see this:

This photo shows that the nail polish will come off just as it appears on the nail. The nail is now clean, but there may be remnants if you didn't leave it on long enough. Just get another cotton ball and clean up the bits left.

That's all there is to it, pretty easy and much better than rubbing for 10 minutes on EACH nail trying to get it all off and then staining your fingers. You know what I'm talking about, lol.

Anyways, hope this tutorial was helpful and explanatory enough with the photos.

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