Monday, September 19, 2011

Revlon Siren + Revlon Orange Fizz Scented Nail Polish

This beautiful coral cream is Revlon Siren. It looks really good on me (Corals usually so). It was a little wierd to apply, but not sure if that might be due to the cutical oil I had just put on or if it's normally that way. I put 2 coats and felt like it was a little thick so didn't want to push t with a third t get rid of some of the VNL remaining. But, overall, the color is awesome!

I recently got the Revlon scented nail polishes that have been out for a few months and HAD to try one. I decided that since I love the smell of orange candy to try Orange Fizz first. It smelled really good, except the scent does not last as long as the Funky Fingers :(

It is a sorta flakey/glittery jelly and it applied very evenly and nicely. It is also smooth on the nail., No chunky bumpy at all. It is really shiny too as you can see in the pic, I didn't put any top coat over it.

Of course I needed to mattify it! I aplied Hard Candy matte top coat on the nail on the left and nothing to the nail on the right. You can see it looks pretty matified as well. Although I might like this non-mattified better.

And, finally: shattered it with OPI Black Shatter!! I decided to also put another coat of orange fizz over the shatter and it really popped. I LOVE the way this looks and it would make an awesome Halloween manicure. The orange jelly over the black made it seem brighter and more joyful, which is pretty cool.

Overall, lovin' both Revlon Siren and Orange Fizz!!

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