Thursday, September 1, 2011

FREE Nailpolish!!

Well, sorry to be posting so many sales, but this week is crazy with awesome deals!
Another deal site is offering a $10 credit for signing up at this link .

The site is called savemore and they apparently have had free nail deals in the past this way. Here's the deal from their site:
"Are you tired of fancy nail polish names for colors that are just more of the same? Say goodbye to unnecessary puns and hello to unique colors. Now, you can find truly one-of-a-kind styles and shades with today’s deal from Fabulous Nails. With this offer, receive one bottle of nail polish for $7.50 ($15 value) or three bottles for $17 ($45 value) plus free shipping. Choose from a variety of crackle colors or smooth fashion colors. Crackle Polish allows you to create your own designs by applying the nail polish in different directions. It’s a great way to sport a new look, or just disguise your below average nail painting skills. Choose from various colors to find the tint that matches your clothes, makeup or mood."

Since 1 nail polish is on sale for $7.50, using the $10 credit you get for signing up makes it free!

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