Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Funky Fingers Crackle Swatches!

These are quick swatches I did of each of the new Funky Fingers Crackle Collection. There are six colors, just like pretty much every other crackle collection.

The colors are:

Blue Scales- It is on my pinky nail in the photo. It only had a few cracks in it, so overall I am not that impressed. But I do really like the color!

Gold Scales- On mypointer finger. This one I really didn't like much at all because it only had one crack line and was rather sheer even after I did a pretty thick coat.

Silver Scales- This is on my thumb. I really liked this one and it pretty comparable to OPI Silver Shatter. I liked the amount of cracks and the opacity of the polish.

Fuschia Scales- This is the second photo (only have 5 fingers, lol!) I liked this one too, it cracked nicely and wasn't too sheer like some can be.

Black Scales- LOVE this one! It cracked awesomely and I just really love the look of it dry. It's pretty matte, but not that sort of vinyl matte like OPI Black Shatter. This is a asphalt-like black finish.

White Scales- LOVE this one as well. Cracked very nicely and I think it would make a nice Halloween manicure.

Overall, I liked these. They are $3.99, so comparable to China Glaze online pricing, and half the cost of OPI. My store did not have all 6 at first, they had 5 and I heard some stores only got 2 or 3. They added the Fuschia Scales later. These are limited edition, so get them while you can!

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