Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Challenge Your Nail Art October Challenge, Day 3: Gradient

For today's challenge, I used an older manicure. It's interesting going back and looking at manicures from a few years ago. My nails are so different. The nail shape for one, but it also seems the part by the cuticle is a bit different as well. And of course my cuticles are in much better shape. I used to have so many hang-nails but now that I use cuticle oil regularly that has improved so much.

Today's theme is gradient. This is one of the first gradient manis I did and also an attempt at creating a scene using some of the smaller images from plates. I used a bunch of different designs from the Cheeky round plates to create this look.

I did a gradient with some color that I thought would look good as a sunset background. This was my first attempt and I think I did all right, but think I need to add in some darker colors next time. I then stamped using my Konad stamper and Funky Fingers Black Knight.

What do you think? Have you created one of these gradient manicures before?

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