Sunday, March 13, 2016

7 Days of St Patrick's Day Nail Challenge: Day 3: Optical Illusion with Zig Zag Nail Art Guides

For day 3, I decided to try an optical illusion look. I've not tried this before on nails, but thought it might look interesting.

I started off with Kleancolor Pearl Jungle as a base.

Kleancolor Pearl Jungle
Then, I put the zig zag French guides at an angle on the nails and paint over them with Glitter Gal Soft Green. It is a polish meant to change the appearance of the color underneath, the soft shades are very sheer. But this allowed me to be able to see the pattern for tracing afterwards.

Next, I used a black Sharpie pen and drew lines across the nails but distorted the lines over the area where you can see the zig zag pattern. I did this over all the nails. Have you tried optical illusions on your nails? What do you think?

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