Saturday, April 6, 2013

Strawberry Nails Tutorial

Just in time for Spring, I decided to do a nail tutorial! Strawberry nails are super easy and fun to create :)

First, put down your basecoat of any type of strawberry red polish you like.

Sinful Colors

The next step is to take a white polish and paint where the leaves of the strawberry will go, you can put them on either side of your nail depending on what orientation you want the strawberries to face. I used just a regular Sinful Colors white striper polish to accomplish this:

Next, take a green polish to paint over where you made the white leaves design. The reason for the white was to make sure that the green really stands out against the red background. I used a green Sinful Colors Striper polish for this. Then, you take yellow to make the seeds, which are little oval dots along the nail. Just like a strawberry!

And, here is the final product:

Not only was this manicure fun to create, it is fun to wear for spring!
Did you try it too? Feel free to post your links to your version in the comments below :)


  1. While a lovely design, I do suggest making all nails the same length. You also use less polish that way! :)