Sunday, January 22, 2012

2 Snowflake Manicures

At the beginning of last year, I did this manicure. It was one of my first attempts at nail art stamping and really got me hooked! The base is Sinful Colors Midnight Blue. I then took Revlon Gum Drop and stamped snowflakes from plate BM14. I put a little bit of silver glitter top coat on as well to give it a nice sparkle.
The Revlon stamped pretty well, but because the blue is so dark it didn't give the result I had hoped for. But it looks cool nonetheless.

I then decided to mix it up and switch the colors around. It looks great this way as well. Same colors and nail plate, just used the blue to stamp. Sinful Colors polish always works well stamping for me. The dark colors are so opaque and work nicely.

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