Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Swatch: 4 Recent Funky Fingers Metal Crackles

These have been around for a few months. They seem to be more metallic type crackle and one even have gold shimmer!

This is Burgundy Scales. It is a shimmery metallic color and this one, along with the rest, crackle just like the other ones.

This is Orange Scales (so creative, lol). It cracks really well and looks great with that green underneath. The green underneath all of these is Orly It's Not Rocket Science from the Cosmic FX Collection.

This is Teal Scales and it REALLY pretty. I didn't get a really good photo here, but I kinda did this quickly before I took off a previous manicure. It has gold shimmer/very fine glitter in it that just sparkles! It's really pretty and cracks pretty well too.

And last is Purple Scales. I think purple crackles just don't work very well. It has the same problem as the China Glaze purple too. It is a metallic purple and was thick and probably my least favorite of these 4.

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