Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Poker Fail and Lilac Eyes

This is my first attempt at a design for poker night, utter failure! I tried though, at least. I painted my nails with a fing'rs orange in the cat bottle and then stamped over it in a dark brown with the poker background plate, BM19. I then put a shimmery orange over my thumb nail.

The reasons I think it turned out terribly?? Well, first off the brown color I stamped with wasn't very opaque at all. My nails were too long for the plate, and also too wide. The wide problem culminates in the total failure of my thumb. As one of my first Konading attempts, it isn't the worst thing ever, but for me it sucks.

Recently, I did another poker night manicure and will show that on here since I am actually proud of it,lol.

On the other side of the spectrum, here is a eye look I did with some nice muted purples. I call it a lilac look because it is just very springy and reminds me of lilacs! The close-up really shows how awesome the Almay

1-2-3 mascara is. :)

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