Sunday, August 14, 2011

Emerald Eyes

These are 2 different, yet similar looks I created and continue to use because I really like the way the green turns out. I enjoy the way that I was able to actually use different colors and products to create a full look in the green color family.

The products I used are:

-I first put on LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Base

-Then, I use the Bare Minerals Contour eyeshadow brush and put the bright green from the L'Oreal HIP duo Riotous on my lid to the crease line

-I then take the green from the Avon true color quad in lush blush quad and put it in the crease area

-Then using the dark green from the HIP duo, I put that in the corner of eyes about a third on the lid

-For the blending color, I use the green from the Avon quad candy sweets and then blend everything together to get a nice soft shift between colors

-Lastly, I put on the highlight for my brow area of cover girl eye enhancers, not sure what color it is though, has glitter in it

-For eyeliner, used either green or Mary Kate and Ashley lagoon eyeliner

-Mascara is L'Oreal brown

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